Saturday, 14 September 2013

Holy Grail Dry Skin Foundation

I think I have explained on a number of occasions how all over the place my skin can be and during the colder months, it can really be temperamental. Around my nose, T-zone and cheeks can get very dry and tight and my chin just breaks out as usual but still is nowhere close to being oily. Recently I have fallen in love with a certain foundation and I have found myself wearing it nearly every day.

Laura Mercier Moisture Supreme Foundation

I can't get enough of this so I bought it in two shades, as you do... Sunny Beige for when I have tan on and Warm Ivory when I don't have tan on. When the fake stuff starts wearing off I just mix the two colours together to suit me. There is a pump dispenser so it is easy to do little half pumps when I am mixing the shades. 

One pump is enough for a full face with this foundation, you can certainly layer it up easily for more coverage which I have done on a number of occasions for a night out. 

Both of these shades are yellow toned and perfect for disguising any redness I might have. Moisture Supréme is extremely good at softening any dry areas and feels very comfortable on the skin not greasy like some foundations I have come across. My face gives a subtle glow and wears extremely well throughout the day, it can settle ever so slightly into the lines around my mouth but a quick pat and its fixed quickly. 

There is no SPF In this so some may prefer to wear an extra one underneath, I don't however... I still haven't taken to the whole SPF every day thing. It photographs very well and I have worn it to a few weddings this year with great results.

No makeup 

Foundation Only

Full Face without flash

Full Face with flash

In the full face I concealed and added mineral powder over the top. 

What is your every day foundation for the cold weather?

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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Ziaja Cocoa Body Butter Review

I have been on the hunt for a perfect body butter or moisturiser for the longest time. I want it to be extremely hydrating as I get dry, flaky skin quite quickly but I also want it to sink in and not feel greasy when I put my clothes on. There is nothing I hate more than that wet 'clingy' feeling, it makes me feel quite uncomfortable! The smell should obviously be a bonus too without being heavily perfumed, because for me perfume dries my skin out even more meaning I have to apply even more moisturiser... it kind of defeats the purpose.

For the last few weeks I have been trialling Ziaja's Cocoa Body Butter, it promises to rejuvenate the skin by replenishing skin lipids which makes the skin soft and supple. I am no skin expert but soft smooth skin is exactly what I am aiming for and it is great if I can find a moisturiser that doesn't strip my fake tan or make it go all patchy. 

Correct me if I am wrong, but I see a few small doses of unwelcoming ingredients in this list, they should have left it with the natural ingredients only because personally I don't like the thought of too many parabens or perfume on my entire body (except the kind I spray on myself in certain areas). But if you are not sensitive to these ingredients you probably won't mind them.

The cream itself has a lovely consistency, a thick silicone/cream- like texture which isn't unpleasant at all, it spreads very well over the body and very little is needed to cover certain areas. Ziaja recommends that you use a thick layer though to let it sink into the skin, but personal preference means that I would rather not feel greasy throughout the day. The Cocoa Body Butter sinks in quite quickly and I am able to get dressed soon afterwards, it leaves a chocolatey smell but it fades quickly throughout the day meaning my perfume is not compromised too much by differing scents.

I don't think I would purchase this Body Butter as I prefer more natural ingredients in my body and facial products, but it is am extremely good moisturiser, it makes my skin glow and look very healthy throughout the day which is a bonus when I have a tan! 

What do you think of natural ingredients? Do you prefer them or do you not mind either way?



Friday, 5 July 2013

Gelish Nails.

I absolutely love Gelish nail polish, there's nothing quite like it for longevity and freshness. A few months ago I had the idea in my head to buy my own gelish set and I wasn't disappointed. I am not a nail technician by any stretch of the imagination but I have always been quite good at giving myself manicures and also treating family and friends to a few along the way. 

For those who maybe haven't heard of Gelish before it is a gel nail polish that lasts for around 2 weeks and is cured under UV light. I don't really know the technical side of things but I do know that my nails are kept safe under the polish as they do not split or peel any more, it's like they are strengthened in some way. 

I will probably update you with colours that I adorn my nails with along the way, but I have only recently started taking pictures of them!

Gelish My Favourite Accessory with Black Shadow tips.

Gelish Sheek White with Champagne over the top

These are just Instagram pictures but you get the general idea. 

For those wishing to know where I get my Gelish from, I go online to Folly Beauty. I know that there is a lot of fake Gelish floating about online but I have never had any problem with any of the polishes bought from that site, they all cure and last very well. 

I have recently bought an LED curing lamp which will cut the curing time in half for me hopefully, halleluja! I am quite enjoying the Sheek White and Champagne at the moment though, I don't want to take it off just yet!

Do any of you use Gelish or any other kind of gel polish? What are your favourite colours?


Sunday, 23 June 2013

John Frieda Precision Foam Colour Review

After humming and haaing for... A day... I decided to dye my hair back to red, it has been many years since that has happened so I was pretty excited! I decided to go for the John Frieda Precision foam colour after seeing the colour on Pinterest. Definitely a good decision!

Unfortunately I forgot to picture the contents, but it's a simple bottle with a nozzle that looks like you pump it out. Basically you put the developer in the bottle, tip it upside down no more than 5 times, put the nozzle on and squeeze the bottle to dispense the foam. Simples! 

It feels so light and airy on my head, my mum put it in for me as we have no bathroom mirrors at the moment, even she was commenting on how easy it was to put through my hair, she gave me a lovely massage afterwards too! 

 I love how it turned out, a perfect brown/red that still matches my eyebrows well! I will be staying this colour for a long time to come I think! 

I didn't wash my hair the day after, but when I did I didn't get any red coming out from my shampoo suds or the towel. I think the trick to hair dyes is to over rinse with warm -not hot- water. Then condition and do the same again when your washing the dye out, I find it clings to the hair a lot better!



Saturday, 22 June 2013

My fitness journey

A couple of years ago I decided to transform myself, I just didn't feel like me. All my life I have been naturally very skinny and I absolutely hated it, remarks such as "do you ever eat?" were actually quite hurtful, because I did... A lot. I wouldn't have thought twice about devouring an entire pizza to myself after school and then sit down to dinner an hour later. No matter how much I ate I simply couldn't put weight on, I wasn't the sporty type in school, I dreaded PE and sports day and I still would hate it now.

Back then I had no idea about general fitness or nutrition and how it affects the body, I wasn't eating the right things to feed my body and alcohol was abused quite a lot in my younger years since the age of 12, I am paying for it now with various stomach ulcers but I don't regret my decisions, because they have made me appreciate my body now and how fragile it can be. 

Just over 2 years ago I was tagged in a picture on Facebook, one that changed the way I looked at myself and how I was living. I started regular workouts and have never looked back, I love it and actually feel upset if I can't do it! My first goal was to lose weight, I lost around a stone in a year, to some that might seem like nothing, it's less that 2lbs a month. I wasn't going to focus on all this weekly weigh in rubbish, I rarely even thought to weigh myself because I wanted to focus on how I looked rather than the scales. In my eyes if you are starting to exercise you're obviously going to gain some muscle and lose some fat... Muscle weighs more than fat so to me it was a pointless process.

My 'transformation'

I want to start by saying I have never been to a gym... and I still don't. I personally don't think it is necessary. I have been to the odd boxercise class for a few weeks but I got bored and just continued to what I was originally doing in my living room. I started with Jillian Michaels DVD's, I have quite the collection now and still use them but not regularly. 30 day Shred and Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism were my two favourites that gave me the best results physically. I consumed on average 1700 calories per day... I can't stress enough how much you need to feed your body when trying to lose weight or tone up, I really believe around 70% of it is in the kitchen!

My current regime
I work out 3 to 4 times a week, in my living room with nothing but this equipment:

Yoga Mat
Hand weights
Water bottle 

Yes... As simple as that. 

The barbell is a recent addition for squats so I can't comment too much on that, but with the hand weights I literally started with 0.5kg and have worked my way up to 2kg and I am almost ready to move up again in weight.

The ipad is for the following apps that I love and use very regularly,

Nike training Club

I love, love, love this app, you can track your progress so easily and change your workouts so your never bored with a solid routine. You have beginner, intermediate and Advanced workouts to suit your level. My next step will be a Nike Fuel Band... I have wanted one for the longest time! Each workout is around 30 minutes and you can progress up to 45 minutes, trust me, it's enough!

Athlean X 6pack promise

After having a baby, this is a handy app to have, each workout is around 5 minutes long and gets more difficult each day, you have to make sure to have your rest days to let your body recover from these, my core has become so strong now through this app and also from planking... I am proud to say I can plank for 3.27 minutes now! Before I couldn't have managed 15 seconds so there is hope for everyone! 

I consume on average 2200 - 2500 calories a day. Yes I still indulge in Chinese food and crisps, chocolate etc. I am not going to deny myself for fear of gorging myself and really pigging out on the wrong things. Little of the naughty things are good for me because I don't have much self control. My diet consists of fruit, vegetables, oils (like olive oil), nuts, dairy (no low fat rubbish), white meats because I hate red meat. I also have whey protein shakes with a meal to up my calories, I typically have a 700 calorie meal 3 times a day and one 400 calorie meal in the evening. Bearing in mind this diet plan is for me to gain muscle at the moment to put on lean mass. That will probably change once I have put on enough and I can maintain it.

I love my lifestyle at the moment, it can be challenging at times, I'm not going to lie, it is really hard work but I am determined to keep myself fit and healthy for the rest of my life, it has paid off because I have so much energy and my whole mindset and outlook on life has changed as well. I hope this has helped someone somewhere. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me, I am not a professional by any stretch of the imagination but I can tell you what has worked for me.



Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Love!


I am a certified hoarder of foundations, I love them, the excitement I get from a new one is probably unhealthy and slightly demented but I can't help it!

A long time has passed since a new love has came into my life so I have been "shopping my stash" lately, it's not as exhilarating as the latest, newfangled, ultra amazing foundation out but I have certainly found a new gem, one that I am more than happy to finish. It is a rare thing for me to actually finish a foundation so I am quite beside myself.

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua has been out for a while, most loved it when they put it on their face but I still can't get over the fact that even though this is so light in texture and coverage it still manages to cover a multitude of sins. The smallest amount is needed for a full face and the colour for me is spot on. 


Foundation only in natural light

I would describe the finish on my skin as satin, my skin tends to get quite dry so it lightly hydrates any areas that need it and leaves it so comfortable and fresh. 

Chanel describes Vitalumiere Aqua as being a second skin with a perfecting result, which is spot on in my eyes. It also has SPF 15, bonus! I always apply an additional SPF before any foundation, getting older terrifies me a little therefore it is a must! 

Application is gloriously easy, if I want a really light 'no makeup -makeup' look I administer the foundation with my fingers using light strokes all over my mug. It gives a really light result which is one I don't use very often but it still perfects the skin leaving a lovely glow. For a made up look I either use the Real Techniques Stippling Brush or the Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki, both give an amazing result.

Vitalumiere Aqua B30
Full face, no setting powder, natural light

Full face, no setting powder, with flash

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua - B30
Lancôme Flash Retouche - 01 under the eyes
Bobbin Brown creamy concealer - Warm Ivory under the eyes
Estée Lauder Double Wear Maximum Cover - Creamy Vanilla to cover scarring
Murad Acne Concealer - Medium to cover blemishes
Jemma Kidd Radiance Creme - Rose Gold to highlight
Nars cream blush - Lokoum

Korres Eyebrow Pencil #2
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette - Suspect, Snakebite
MAC Fluidline - Blacktrack
Urban Decay 24/7 liner - Zero
Lancôme Doll Eyes Mascara

Nars -Mayflower (LE)

 If you hadn't guessed already, I love this foundation and will definitely be repurchasing because it is so quick and easy to use and needs minimal work to look flawless. 

What foundation are you all using at the moment for a quick flawless look?




Saturday, 30 March 2013

Current Skin Care

Before my hiatus, being a blogger and reviewing different products definitely took a toll on my skin. Changing skincare products and using ones that were not meant for my skin type meant that it really suffered. Frequent breakouts and the general texture of my skin really got me down, so I have been sticking rigidly to my current routine for the last 6 months and I am noticing a massive difference.

This is my modest skincare routine. I used to have tons of different products and I see now that it was the worst thing for me to do!

Boots Botanics Soothing Eye Makeup Remover 
This is the best eye makeup remover I have ever used- I have bought countless bottles and I always make sure to keep back-ups! It has a very oily consistency and you have to shake it up to make sure the split oils combine. I then use a cotton round (does anyone else feel they need a lifetime supply of these?!) and press it on the eye for a short while to let opt sink into the mascara. I then swipe until its all gone; simple and quick! 

A'kin Rose and Geranium Creamy Cleanser
I absolutely love this cleanser! I am currently on my third bottle and at the moment I don't ever want to stray from it! It's a beautiful medium consistency cream that faintly smells of rose, but its not offensive in any way. It spreads so well over the face; I spend about a minute massaging this into the skin and just simply rinse off with warm water. I do the same again, massaging it in, but this time I remove any left over makeup with a muslin cloth and lightly polish the skin at the same time.

I will continue to purchase this cleanser- it's perfect for my dry skin (that's prone to breakouts on my chin), and does the job of removing all my makeup whilst making sure my skin isn't tight afterwards. It is supposed to be a cleanser and toner in one, but I like to use an extra toner anyway.

Dr Hauschka Facial Toner
This is a good basic toner; I just spritz it on my face and it refreshes my skin after cleansing, and I press it into the skin to give a great base for my serum/moisturiser. It was a long road to find a toner that I really liked that didn't have an astringent effect or dry my skin out too much after cleansing and this is it- it tightens my pores nicely before my moisturiser.

A'kin Rosehip Oil
I love Rosehip oil as a serum; it helps to even out my skin tone and reduces any redness I might have from a spot /scar or dryness around my nose. I have noticed a big difference in the texture and radiance of my skin from using this, and I don't feel horrible with no makeup on! 

Trilogy Vital Moisturising Cream
I really wanted a moisturiser that was as natural as possible but wasn't oily or greasy, one that gave me a great base for makeup and that didn't break me out or clog my pores, but also had to ward off wrinkles... Not too much to ask right?! After a looooong search I finally found a perfect moisturiser that ticks all of the boxes. It smells faintly of roses which I love and it has a lovely light consistency which spreads really easily and sinks in quickly but doesn't feel dry or tight.

Kiehls Creamy Eye Treatment with avocado
At the start of Winter last year I somehow developed some kind of eczema around my eyes. I had no idea why it suddenly appeared when I'd never had it anywhere before, and to make matters worse I was also a bridesmaid at my best friend's wedding! I bought this as a last resort even though I found it quite expensive, but I was at my wits end. It was probably the best decision I have ever had; I love this eye cream! It is light and spreads well under the eye and it cleared up the dry, red skin I had there so quickly. I will definitely repurchase this as it's also a great base for under eye concealer; it didn't roll or make me look greasy.

Alpha H Liquid Gold
I have noticed that the packaging has changed on this product, but as far as I know it hasn't been reformulated. I use this twice a week to stop the pores on my chin getting clogged, it's the bane of my life but this product really helps cell turnover. I will continue to save my pennies to repurchase this! 

Kiehls Soothing Gel Mask
Once a week as a treat to my skin I use this, it is a brown gel and spreads evenly over the skin. It doesn't dry like a traditional face mask so it can be tissued off but I prefer to rinse it off with water then follow with a toner and moisturiser. It hydrates and softens my skin, my complexion looks so clear the next morning. It has chamomile to soothe, dandelion extract to balance and hydrate and great burdock to help with dry skin. I love this mask, I will definitely repurchase it!

What are your favourite skincare products?!

Saturday, 16 March 2013

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Friday, 15 March 2013

Dogeared Love

I have been loving dainty gold jewellery recently, my wrists and fingers are so tiny that chunky jewellery just looks out of place on me.

I bought a new ring and bracelet for a wedding I was going to and I have been wearing them every day since, I forget I m wearing them most of the time! Dogeared has the most perfect size for me, I am the smallest ring size and the tightest in bracelets... I'm like a child! 

I have the Faith ring and the Pearls of... bracelet. I definitely want more in my collection, namely these three beauties

I ordered mine from Accessories Online, they are quite expensive but I definitely think they are worth it!

What kind of jewellery have you been wearing lately?!

Thursday, 7 March 2013

A'kin Shampoo and Conditioner Reviews

Recently I have been trying to make my hair as manageable as possible, it's so fine and thin that I really struggle to find products that volumise without weighing my hair down. I have found the one brand that really delivers in terms of volume and just the right amount of softness to make my hair nice and healthy looking. Greasy roots and dry ends make finding Shampoo and Conditioners almost impossible because they never deliver the whole package for me, except for A'kin of course! 

Rice Aminos and Wheat Protein Shampoo
This shampoo is designed for those that have dry and damaged hair, it really delivers, even though my hair is so fine and thin this doesn't weigh it down and make it greasy looking. I only use this once a week then I think my hair has had enough of heat styling and needs a little bit of TLC. It has a very watery consistency, which is a bit annoying at times, but it also means that it spreads evenly through my hair. There are no nasties (that I know of) in this, which means it will not lather up easily, but all it takes is a little more water in my hair. I have succumbed to the fact that shampoo does not need to lather in order to clean. It has a very natural but subtle smell... Like herbs, I quite like it!

Mandarin Shampoo
A great every day shampoo, it is more like a gel consistency as opposed to the Rice Amino one, which is very watery. It smells faintly of mandarin which quickly disappears, but I don't mind much because I'm not partial to smelling of oranges... It takes a little more to lather this one up, but it cleans the hair just as well leaving it squeaky clean, but not dry. I can use this shampoo on its own without conditioner and my hair is ridiculously soft without going static, if you have fine hair you know what I'm talking about! It's also nicely volumised without the need for extra products.

Avocado and Calendula Conditioner
This is an amazing conditioner, I will repurchase this over and over again! I always had the problem of my roots getting greasy and my ends being too dry looking, this sorts all of that out, wether I use it all over my head or just on the ends my hairs is soft and manageable. I only need to use this once a week, even though I wash my hair every day. I can let my hair dry naturally and it won't look frizzy at the ends or stringy at the end of the day. I hate the rat tail look... It's so unbecoming :) 

Another little gem:

A'kin Leave in Conditioner
Great for just a little extra moisture into the hair and with an added bonus it also protects against heat styling.


Again there are no nasties in this and it doesn't weigh my hair down or make it look greasy, only the tiniest amount of this cream like formula is enough for my whole head as it spreads so well.

I have completely fallen in love with natural hair care, nothing makes my hair look fuller or as healthy as these products. I started to use regular shop brands like Vo5 and my head hated them, i had an itchy scalp and my hair shredded a lot more, plenty of bad hair days then! I gladly pay a little extra for these products, they also do large pump bottles as well which is amazing!

The below pictures shows the use of shampoo, conditioner and the leave in conditioner only and my hair has air dried. I also haven't had a trim in 11 weeks and I have tons of baby hairs from my hair growing back. I love these products! 

I buy these from Bath and Unwind at around £10.50 a bottle, but they usually have offers on certain bottles! 

What do you think about natural hair care, would you pay extra for it?

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Making a come back!

So ive taken a hiatus of around 8 months or so... boy did I need it! I have missed the blogging/beauty community like crazy, I am so out of touch with things right now! I havnt bought any new makeup at all and I am due for a bit of a splurge, I have my eye on quite a few things so you'll be seeing them eventually on your dash board! 

My lil Amber is now 3... yea... 3, I cant quite believe it! But she is a wee angel and full of beans, she cant sit still for too long! Wee bright spark as well, dont know where she gets that from!

I have also been getting into fitness quite a lot, dropped a stone and a half in weight and am currently trying to gain muscle, in all honesty ive never felt better! I am going to start blogging about my usual makeup ramblings again as well as my fitness routines and healthy eating, which is tough as a mum sometimes making different meals and trying to squeeze in quick workouts!

I missed you guys... I am now going to curl up, read blogs, and make up new wish lists! Xx