Friday, 15 March 2013

Dogeared Love

I have been loving dainty gold jewellery recently, my wrists and fingers are so tiny that chunky jewellery just looks out of place on me.

I bought a new ring and bracelet for a wedding I was going to and I have been wearing them every day since, I forget I m wearing them most of the time! Dogeared has the most perfect size for me, I am the smallest ring size and the tightest in bracelets... I'm like a child! 

I have the Faith ring and the Pearls of... bracelet. I definitely want more in my collection, namely these three beauties

I ordered mine from Accessories Online, they are quite expensive but I definitely think they are worth it!

What kind of jewellery have you been wearing lately?!


Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog - Girlie Blog Seattle said...

These are lovely. I started liking gold two years ago. It's truly a lovely metal.
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Nikki said...

It really is, silver just isn't the same sometimes!

Meg P. said...

I just love how delicate and elegant my gold lace necklace and bracelets look on me. And sometimes, all it takes is a few gold bangles or different widths and sized to spruce up my outfit.

I like mixing gold accessories with leather or cloth ones as well. It gives me a chic bohemian feel. :-)