Sunday, 3 March 2013

Making a come back!

So ive taken a hiatus of around 8 months or so... boy did I need it! I have missed the blogging/beauty community like crazy, I am so out of touch with things right now! I havnt bought any new makeup at all and I am due for a bit of a splurge, I have my eye on quite a few things so you'll be seeing them eventually on your dash board! 

My lil Amber is now 3... yea... 3, I cant quite believe it! But she is a wee angel and full of beans, she cant sit still for too long! Wee bright spark as well, dont know where she gets that from!

I have also been getting into fitness quite a lot, dropped a stone and a half in weight and am currently trying to gain muscle, in all honesty ive never felt better! I am going to start blogging about my usual makeup ramblings again as well as my fitness routines and healthy eating, which is tough as a mum sometimes making different meals and trying to squeeze in quick workouts!

I missed you guys... I am now going to curl up, read blogs, and make up new wish lists! Xx


Nic StrawberryBlonde said...

SO lovely to have you back Nikki... have really missed your blog and wee Amber looks adorable!

Nic x

AlittlebitUnique said...

Amber is absolutely gorgeous, you must be so proud! Yay, your back!

A little bit Unique


Nikki said...

Thank you so much! Good to be back, I missed it!