Sunday, 23 June 2013

John Frieda Precision Foam Colour Review

After humming and haaing for... A day... I decided to dye my hair back to red, it has been many years since that has happened so I was pretty excited! I decided to go for the John Frieda Precision foam colour after seeing the colour on Pinterest. Definitely a good decision!

Unfortunately I forgot to picture the contents, but it's a simple bottle with a nozzle that looks like you pump it out. Basically you put the developer in the bottle, tip it upside down no more than 5 times, put the nozzle on and squeeze the bottle to dispense the foam. Simples! 

It feels so light and airy on my head, my mum put it in for me as we have no bathroom mirrors at the moment, even she was commenting on how easy it was to put through my hair, she gave me a lovely massage afterwards too! 

 I love how it turned out, a perfect brown/red that still matches my eyebrows well! I will be staying this colour for a long time to come I think! 

I didn't wash my hair the day after, but when I did I didn't get any red coming out from my shampoo suds or the towel. I think the trick to hair dyes is to over rinse with warm -not hot- water. Then condition and do the same again when your washing the dye out, I find it clings to the hair a lot better!




Emma Lou said...

Looks lovely, so shiny! I used to dye my hair with box dyes all the time but gave it about about a year and a half ago and haven't touched it since. I'm itching to get some highlights or something in it now though!

Nikki said...

I love dying my hair, Ive been at it for so long I don't really know what my natural colour is any more! It's a welcome change from coppery brown though! Highlights would really suit you!