Saturday, 14 September 2013

Holy Grail Dry Skin Foundation

I think I have explained on a number of occasions how all over the place my skin can be and during the colder months, it can really be temperamental. Around my nose, T-zone and cheeks can get very dry and tight and my chin just breaks out as usual but still is nowhere close to being oily. Recently I have fallen in love with a certain foundation and I have found myself wearing it nearly every day.

Laura Mercier Moisture Supreme Foundation

I can't get enough of this so I bought it in two shades, as you do... Sunny Beige for when I have tan on and Warm Ivory when I don't have tan on. When the fake stuff starts wearing off I just mix the two colours together to suit me. There is a pump dispenser so it is easy to do little half pumps when I am mixing the shades. 

One pump is enough for a full face with this foundation, you can certainly layer it up easily for more coverage which I have done on a number of occasions for a night out. 

Both of these shades are yellow toned and perfect for disguising any redness I might have. Moisture Supréme is extremely good at softening any dry areas and feels very comfortable on the skin not greasy like some foundations I have come across. My face gives a subtle glow and wears extremely well throughout the day, it can settle ever so slightly into the lines around my mouth but a quick pat and its fixed quickly. 

There is no SPF In this so some may prefer to wear an extra one underneath, I don't however... I still haven't taken to the whole SPF every day thing. It photographs very well and I have worn it to a few weddings this year with great results.

No makeup 

Foundation Only

Full Face without flash

Full Face with flash

In the full face I concealed and added mineral powder over the top. 

What is your every day foundation for the cold weather?

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